3d printing problems with section planes

I’ve downloaded and successfully printed an item from the 3D warehouse. I wanted to cut it in half. I used the section plane. It looks ok in SketchUp. I exported the original item and the cut item as a 3D model (OBJ) and imported it into Simplify 3D. When I do a print preview, the original still looks good but the cut item is only partially printed with lots of holes and missing surfaces…I hope I’m missing a simple step. Can anyone help?

Share the SKP file so we can see what you’ve done and have some hope of helping you.

You need to heal the cut edges with new faces.
Otherwise it’s no longer a manifold solid.

Zorro2 can cut it in SketchUp at a section-plane.
Then draw over edges to cause the faces to heal…

Dave - here are the SketchUp files and a screen shot of the print preview from Simplify 3D…notice the cut walkway is pretty messed up



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OriginalWalkway.skp (2.01 MB)

CutWalkway.skp (2.11 MB)

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