3D Mouse Roll not working


I have 3DConnexion 3D Mouse and SketchUp. 3D Mouse works fine except Roll does not work at all in SketchUp. Other degrees of freedoms are ok (Pan U/D, Pan L/R, Zoom, Spin and Tilt). In 3DConnexion trainer program all 6 degrees of freedom including Roll works fine.

I am using following versions:

  • SketchUp Make version 15.3.331.
  • 3DxWare 10 version 10.2.9
  • 3DxWinCore version
  • Space Navigator (firmware v. 4.35)
  • OS is Windows 10

How I can get Roll working with 3D Mouse in SketchUp?


Just found the solution. The 3D Mouse has “Lock Horizon” option on by default for SketchUp. “Lock Horizon” must be set off in order to Roll work. Note that SketchUp must be on foreground when 3D Mouse properties are clicked from Windows toolbar so that SketchUp specific settings are selected.