3D models from a photograph

Hi! I’m trying to make a 3D model from a photograph of 3 people working together. Can someone guide me through this? I was able to import the photo, but since it’s not straight lines it’s not coming out the way I am hoping. Thanks.

Are these three people working together on building something that you would like to create a model of? Or are you trying to make three 2D FaceMe components iof these people in 3D space?
You sure get us guessing.here.

the latter - thanks for asking for clarification.
three 2D components in 3D space.

It may have been wise to upload the photo so we can all observe what you did when you initially posed the problem. At least that would provide a reasonable point from which to begin forming an analytical response.

Import the image either:

  • as image. Then right click on it and select ‘Explode’, to obtain the texture of it.
  • as texture.

Trace (one by one) the persons with the ‘Line’ tool to separate them from their surrounding face.
Delete the surrounding face and the rectangular texture boundary.
Now you should have the contours of the three persons.

Per person:

  • view its geometry head-on in ‘Parallel’ mode
  • select its geometry and right click on it and select ‘Make Component’ with the option ‘FaceMe’ checked.
    You may have to rotate the component standing up.

SU is a 3D package that can use 2D images to dress up a model - although it can be used for 2D tasks, it’s like using a hammer to put in screws (actually, more like using a screwdriver to put in nails… both of which I have done when I can’t put my hands on the right tool immediately; it gets the job done, but not really the best way to do it).

If it’s for a FaceMe component, then simply edit the image in an image editor so that they have a uniform colour background and save it as a PNG file with transparent background. Import it, make it a component and tic the box that says “Face Me”.

If you want a vectorised version, then use a program like CorelDraw to trace it into a vector and export/import it into SU.

Thank you!! I got as far as tracing, but couldn’t figure out the per person viewing geometry. I’m sending you what I have. Let me know what you think???
CISample CI.skp (488.6 KB)

You either want the three persons as separate components or as one component.
I was assuming the first, that’s why I said “per person”. It’s not a big deal, the workflow is the same
Trace what you need and then delete what you don’t need, the surrounding geometry.
Rotate the resulting person(s) to be standing up.
Now in ‘Front View’ and in ‘Parallel’ mode select all that needs to be in the component and select ‘Make Component’ with ‘Always face camera’ checked.