3D Model of pipe

I am trying to 3D print a pipe which is a part for a washing machine. I have drawn it in Sketchup, and ran Solid Inspector 2, yet obtain problems, and I do not know how to fix several of them. Can anyone help me out?

Here is my file: Pipe_Washing_Machine.skp (1.2 MB)


it has no thickness…what is the inside diameter of the pipe. When that goes in it should be good.

The pipe’s walls have no thickness and there are a few intenal faces that shouldn’t be there. It isn’t on axis which accounts for the strange section cut.

some of these faces are not in alignment with outer walls too. I might be as easy to start over? and it possibly be better to use a higher edge count for the circles, unless they’re supposed to be as faceted.

It should be about 1.3mm, I put a “thickness” at the end, but I don’t know how to apply it to the whole pipe. Is that relatively simple to do?

I noticed that. Is there a way to fix it without starting over? This has already taken me several hours… How I wish I could be better at Sketchup! How do you change the edge count?

Thank you!

You can create a face and use the follow me tool like this…


I noticed it wasn’t on the axis, and have been trying to rotate it but haven’t managed. I will keep trying. How do I add the thickness?


Thank you so much! I will try that and get back to you!

As Cotty shows, draw the cross section with the wall having thickness.

I am trying to do so. How do you do it? Is there a way to simply “cut” the object to get the cross section? Is it with the section plane tool?

Since you must have something as reference to work from, you might find it easier to start over. If I were starting this from scratch I would draw a large rectangle to lay the cross section out on. I would suggest working on an axis line so the origin is at the center of the pipe. That will help you keep things aligned.

after you select the circle tool just type 96 (or whatever) and that number will show up in the box and give you a cleaner circle with that edge count.
I was able to fix what you had to make it solid, but it’s random and not accurate as it’s not based on any hard numbers… I’d share it but I don’t want to be responsible for a wet floor after your machine leaks!
I’d do as Cotty suggests.

I can try and do that. But how did you and Cotty manage to create a cross-section so quickly?

He used a section cut and Cut from Slice. I did it a little more crowbar-ish and drew a rectangle down the center and used Intersect Faces. Then I erased your pipe and the unneeded bits of the large rectangle leaving me with lines from which I could carry on to develop the cross section.

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