3D Print Slicing SW Doesn't Recognize Pipe


I’ve created a 3D model in the 3D printer template. The model includes a pipe that goes through the entire length using the follow me tool.

It looks fine in ketchup, but is not recognized in the slicing tool. What am I missing. I’m new to sketchup and 3D printing, so I’m sure it’s operator error, but I can’t identify where my problem is.


Can you attach the model so we can check for you.
Upload button is the 7th from the left at the top of the message window.


Tunnel Test 2.stl (74.1 KB)
Here’s a test file where I tried a few different ways. None of them worked but they look fine in sketchup.


It’s the sketchup file I want to see.


Tunnel Test 2.skp (1.3 MB)
Sorry. Attached.


Three of your pipes have thickness but the one that shows red in the .stl is a single skin.
So you need to give it thickness.
But more to the point what are you expecting from the print?
You’ve sort of created a solid block with skinned tubes running through it. Rather than a solid block with holes through it or an empty walled block with tubes running through it.


I’m expecting the print to be a solid block (not actually solid as the slicing SW will set up a grid in what looks like the vacant area) with open pipes or holes running through it. In other prints I’ve done, the 3D slicing SW will automatically add a wall around the items that have just a skin - e.g. push a circle into the cube will generate a wall around the intrusion.

In any case none of these pipes work - thickness or not.


Remove the outer skins of the three double skins and reverse the face of the single skin and it should make a block with holes.


Maybe I don’t understand the skinned tubes comment you made above. I’ve attached another version of the file colored inside the tubes. It looks like I can see them go through when viewed from the bottom.Tunnel Test 2.skp (1.3 MB)


OK. Not sure I understand but let me try.


Try this one.
Tunnel Test Box.skp (70.4 KB)


are the holes to be 8 mm or 7 mm?


OK. I’ve reversed the inside faces on two of the tubes. I’ll try the slicing SW again. I’ll also try the file you’ve sent me. In the actual model they are 8mm in diameter. But it doesn’t matter for this test file. I’m just trying to understand what I’m doing wrong.

Back to you in a few minutes.


faces that are reversed have normals that are reversed.


So far so good. The slicing SW seems to be recognizing the tubes now. I’ll try to print and let you know how it works.


Good news !! The pipe with no thickness and the face reversed printed fine. The pipe with the outer skin removed did not print however. Should I have reversed those faces as well ?

I’m happy that I can now print what I need to. But I don’t understand why they looked exactly like I wanted them to look before yet wouldn’t print correctly. How should I have constructed the pipes to have them be correctly displayed. I guess I don’t understand the “reverse face” concept.

In any case thanks for the help.


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