3D model from 2D image

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There is a way to create 3D models from an image with a relief applied.
For example, the image of a square to which the relief “inverted V” is applied gives a pyramid.

How to proceed on Sketchup to generate a 3D model from a 2D image ?

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Your question is a bit like asking how to proceed if you want to make a model car from a lump of plasticine.

Of course you can create a 3D model from 2D data if you have enough of it. In your example, you would need to know how high the tip of your pyramid was. But you could not create a reliable model of a house, say, if you only knew its footprint.

Maybe you have a particular image in mind?

This involves creating panels from a vector image with a relief profile that represents a wave.

Base: 1 cm thick
Relief above: 2 cm thick

The total thickness of the panel is 3 cm.

For the widest parts in black, the application of the profile may exceed the 2 cm authorized.
It is then necessary to limit the height.
See the attached image (the base is missing)![tot_20|470x500]

There are clever people on this forum who would know how to do that in SU, almost certainly using extensions. @mihai.s is one such.

Thank you for this information.

Bitmap to Mesh extension

Or one of the online services for ‘image to mesh’ (google search link)

Thanks, @simoncbevans!


Thank’s maihai.s for this information.

One thing about the bitmap to mesh, I believe it has a height map option, and if you could use gradients in your original artwork, you should be able to define the geometry at the artwork stage, and not have to model anything.

Thank you for your answer. But the use of height map option generate a rough surface …
I use a relief profil which is a curve, very precise.

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I’ve hardly used it myself, but I wonder of the stamp tool with sandbox tools could do this. When you stamp a road on a land form, doesn’t it have a setting to flair out the base like that?

Also, @Box might have some tip or trick to suggest.