3D Basecamp is up for some awards!

You all have probably heard of (and maybe even attended) our user conference 3D Basecamp. If so, you know that it is an amazong event, and it takes a lot fo work to put them on. To that end, we are extrememly pleased to share that 3D Basecamp has been nominated for several awards through a platform called Eventex.

If you enjoyed 3D Bsecamp (or even if you just like what you have heard about it) you can help us out by voting in the peoples choice awards! Follow the link below, log in with your gmail, and vote for 3D Basecamp under these categories: Event, Brand Experience, Marketing/Communications/Strategy, and Event Technology.

Your votes would mean so much to all of us on the 3D Basecamp team!

Eventex Awards | Public Voting


I love how the company’s product (SketchUp) was used as the design tool for creating and planning the event itself. How many contenders in that category can say that?