365 login? SketchUp 3D modeler now available in a web browser

I have a question RE: students using an office 365 login to use online Sketchup for Schools?

How can students log in? the only options on the website are email or Google. but if we enter the subscribed email address for the student of the school. It’s unrecognised. ?

The user has been added to Microsoft store for business and can access SketchUp using the app at school, but are not able to at home on their own computers. on the MS Store page, it states “Description, Trimble’s SketchUp for Schools is the core SketchUp 3D modeller now available in a web browser for any Primary and Secondary School signed up with Microsoft Education.”

So how do our students access the web version from home?


Chris at Hailsham Community College

@HCC_Whitec Students should be able to access SketchUp for Schools at home as long as they are logged in with the same Microsoft account that they use in school. The SketchUp for Schools app can be found in the Microsoft app store here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/sketchup-for-schools/9mx4rqj55nsz?activetab=pivot:overviewtab

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Students can also launch the app at edu.sketchup.com, which is sometimes more reliable than (but otherwise identical to) the version we distribute on the app store.