30 day pro trial

So, using the 30 day trial as a beginner to learn new skills and vest in a CAD competence.

Some things Im struggling with… not sure if its beacus eist a tial version or if im incompetent.

eg … importing 3D components from the web library … cant seem to do that
eg …rendering surfaces to look like pavers, decking gravel. Just looks like flat grey, brown or blue?

any ideas before i decide to leave this to pros and go back to pencil and paper ?

If you have 30 days you could get started with the fundamentals (learn.sketchup.com).
You might have started way out of scale, meaning, you draw at real size world, so textures like gravel will show up as flat colors and objects from the 3D Warehouse would be too small to see…

yep, that’s what happened! I see now… now I have to figure out how I turn my cad floor plan layout into sketch up world size. it’s huge!