2D Text around a circle?


I am trying to lay down 2D text around a simple circle. Is ShetchUp incapable of doing this?

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Sketchup is a 3d modeller not a graphic design program and as such it doesn’t have a specific curved text option.
You can get a better result with 2d text by developing the text in an outside image editor and import the image as a texture.

Having said that there are several ways to produce curved text.
Chris Fulmers’ Shape Bender
Fredo’s Radial bend, part of Fredo Scale, spring to mind.

Here’s a quick version of radial bend. But take note that you are bending it, not repositioning the letters in an arc.


You can use a temporary line as an arc radius to position and rotate your 3D Text.
Notice in the image below the 3D text alignment is set to CENTER


Thank you, Box. but it is a LOGO so I cannot distort the text.

Geo, I like that idea! I am going to play with it today. Thank you.


@Geo can you explain exactly how to do this? What is a temporary line? What do you mean by arc radius? How does one use a temp line as an arc radius? (Does using as an arc radius mean that the text automatically conforms to arc?)