2D spiral ramp section plugin?

Hoping to exports some 2D DXFs of disks for “parking garage ramp”, so I can tape them together for kids’ project…
TO be the correct shape, the inside diameter would need to have slight elliptical shape to fit over pipe…

Does SU have a feature to allow for something like this?



There are different ways to do that on SU, the fastest one is using a plugin like upright extruder or profile builder, you must create a path and a profile to extrude along it.
Sketchup native follow me tool doesn’t work in this cases cause it follows the path but at the same time makes a torsion.

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Not sure I’m understanding your question. But if you just want to create the circular ramp in SU use one of the “helix” plugins and Eneroth’s Upright Extruder. In my example I used “Helix along curve” to create the path. Then drew the rectangle and ran upright extruder.


Or you could try the SU Draw Parametric Shapes plugin from SketchUcation plug-in store which has helical shapes.

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