2D drawing press (ie, project to plane)

Okay, I have worked several hours drawing this antique part and was wondering why the surfaces were not all showing. It wasn’t until I rotated my view I could see that it was not just 2D but some of my lines left the blue and green realm and ventured into the red. Is there any way to “press” this back or do I need to start from scratch again? How do I prevent this from happening again?

Thanks for all your assistance. These forums are a lifesaver!

Upload your model so someone can have a look at it. Use 7th icon above text editing area.

In future, make a rectangle component as a face to draw on, so all your 2D lines stay on its surface

One (quick&dirty?) way with TIGs EEbyVTO (ExtrudeEdgesByVectorToObject) from his ExtrudeTools

This could get tricky, depending on how you drew the initial out-of-plane edges. If they were drawn to correct length, their projection onto the plane will be foreshortened. Misalignments and distortions may result.

Yes, but if it was drawn in the top view (with parallel projection?, tracing an image?), it’s likely that the projection fits the desired outline…

I had no luck closing everything so it would to the same plane so I just started over. This time paying more attention to where my start and end points actually are.

This is true. Alas, the OP did not tell us the details of how he created the model…

You can also try the SketchUp native Drape tool (in Sandbox tools).