2024 Usability Trick: How to return back the 2023 icons (in 2024 version)

Hello all,

I would like to share with you that it’s possible to return back the old 2023 full-color icons for tools in SketchUp.

I am not sure why ‘modern’ software developers are loving the new fashion way of using flat and mono-color icons which are really difficult to use. I really don’t understand that fashion. At least they left the chance to return back the old ones.

You only need to get old icons from 2023 app, you need to locate the app, put Show Package Contents and copy .pdf files from /Resources folder to the same path to 2024 app and overwrite them all. That’s all. Easy.

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Not familiar with Mac but I tried something similar with Windows and it doesn’t work :frowning_face:

sorry to hear this. I guess windows encapsultes them in .EXE? Can you see the PDF files icons? (yes PDF sound strange but it’s clearly the icon)

It has long been the way with Mac to store resources such as cursors and icons outside the app and with Windows to bake them into the app. So, it is easier to tinker with a Mac app. One bonus from this that may go away when SketchUp is ported to Qt on Mac is that the nib (Nextstep interface builder) files that define much of the UI are also external resources that one can tweak if they know how.