2021.1 upgrades

Will the upgrades in Aaron’s presentation on the 2021.1 upgrades released today be retro added to the web free version or is it a licence purchase (I think I know the answer) because I really like the sticky keys inferencing, but can’t justify the perpetual licence fees as a woodwork hobbiest?

Look at the announcement:

Mark: I’m happy to announce that a 2021.1 update is now available for SketchUp Pro, and also live in SketchUp for Web .

Have you opened a new session of SketchUp Free today? I just did and at the top there’s a message that seems like a good clue.
Screenshot - 6_9_2021 , 10_11_22 AM

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Will do when I get home.

My apologies to all at Trimble for my oblique reference that we would have to pay for the upgrade. The new web tools work well, thank you!

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