2020 Classic license includes LayOut?

I was speaking with a colleague about buying Sketchup. Looking at the following page describing the various options for purchasing Sketchup 2020, the classic license is described as “your basic 3D modeler for desktop only”. A sentence clearly crafted to minimize the perception of value. But unlike the other subscription options the classic option has no product details, and makes no mention of 2D documentation.

Does a 2020 “classic” license purchased today still ship with Layout and Stylebuilder?


I haven’t upgraded to 2020 yet, but my work 2019 Classic License includes Layout. If you scroll down in that page, it does say Layout Included under the ‘2D Design’ row.

I see nothing on the page about Style Builder.
But if you scroll down the page it mentions LayOut

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Yes- SketchUp Pro 2020, under both Subscription and Classic licensing, includes both LayOut and StyleBuilder.

SketchUp Pro 2020 Subscription includes several additional features and services as well, most notably unlimited subscriptions to Trimble Connect and SketchUp for Web.

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@jbacus Thank you for the clarification. Solved.

I think that’s the source of my confusion, as I was initially looking at the site on an IPad and in that version the table you mention does not appear. Just the three options and the website footer appear on the page. Looking at the desktop version of the site it is much clearer.
EDIT: I see it does appear if you rotate to landscape, which I had not done.

Happy to see him mentioned, good quote indeed.

Any idea if Classic license allows access to 3D Warehouse?

Yes. It allows access to the 3D Warehouse. And Extension Warehouse.

To add, you need to be signed in with an active Trimble ID in order to download something.

That translates into buy the current version to get access to our own 3D Warehouse models. We like the features on our paid 2015 Pro version better than the current version so it means they’ve put a paywall at the Warehouse, which was not the case with At Last or Google.

No, you need a Trimble ID
and you have one, since you have your ‘own’ model collection.
It could still be managed through a browser

2015 is no longer supported for direct connection to the warehouse, but you can still access via web browser and a Trimble ID is free.

Sketchup 15 is a fine program, I have nothing to say against you continuing to use it, but I’m curious which features you feel are “better” than the current version?

Thanks. It will access but not download, to be more specific. Results in a message to the effect of “your version of Sketchup is no longer supported, please upgrade to the current version”. Are you saying a free Trimble ID accessible to anyone without a purchase will allow downloads from the Warehouse. We will try it.
I can’t be more specific other than we loaded a trial verion of 2019 onto a machine and it gave us a few “feature no longer supported” messages for various things. A better way to look at it - if 2015 serves our needs why spend further? We are not a big firm that can amortize seat licensing, nor do we have use for Layout.
We understand that Trimble needs to monetize the asset further by moving to the subscription model.
But denying access to our own work products, which have been downloaded by others hundreds of times, discourages us from purchasing more Trimble.

I think there are a couple (at least two, maybe three) issues being conflated here.

  1. The 3D Warehouse contains models compatible with the current SketchUp client version and the two versions that preceded it. With the release of SketchUp 2020, 2019 and 2018. We also keep a 2017 compatible version for folks who are sticking with SketchUp Make 2017.

  2. Because we added some new features that help to target Warehouse search results with your specific interests, we ask that you sign in with a Trimble ID before you download a model. This is unrelated to the version of SketchUp you choose to use.

  3. Much older builds of SketchUp are no longer able to render the 3D Warehouse interface from within the SketchUp application due to incompatibility with older versions of Internet Explorer. If you are using something older than SketchUp 2017, you will have to interact with 3D Warehouse through your web browser, not directly inside SketchUp.

I certainly advocate using the latest version of SketchUp for your modeling work. We can’t support old versions forever, even though the core features may run effectively on your system for a very long time.