Question on Classic SketchUp

Question on the classic sketch up that you can buy for $695 out right.
1- can you save the files on your computer? or just in cloud?
2- can you still print off the program or have to turn it into a pdf like web based one?
basically is it like the 2017 version ???
i cant stand the new web based version!

thanks for any info.

You can save to both locations. With the Classic license there’s 10 Gb of cloud storage included via Trimble Connect.

Yes. Best option is to use LayOut for setting up your page or pages and then export the PDF from there.

The Classic license is for SketchUp Pro which includes LayOut and Style Builder. The Subscription license gets you a bunch more stuff. In both cases, though, SketchUp and LayOut are the same.

Compare the Classic and Subscription licenses here:

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(1) Both. Save directly to your local drive. OR to the cloud using the Trimble Connect extension.
(You can also later sync your local model files to other cloud storage providers, like DropBox.)

(2) You can print directly from both SketchUp and LayOut desktop editions.

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Note that SU has a subscription option that will install to your local machine.

The SU Pro (subscription) version does come with a few extras, but consider if you really need / use the (additional) functionality, running the risk of being locked out of your work if you choose not to renew your subscription licence. Sure, technically you could open SU files with the free version if you’re locked out, but if the files is commercial product, then the free licence prohibits you from opening those, let alone do any other work to them.

Get the SU Pro Classic (perpetual) licence, there’s no looking back. Even with the optional annual “maintenance and support” of (currently) $120 p/a from year 2 onwards, after a few years this becomes more cost effective than subscription licence.

THANK YOU . Never had pro so i dont know what lay out is all about.

You’re quite welcome. LayOut is the documentation side of things. It allows you to combine scenes created from SketchUp with text, tables, images and other content to make whatever sort of documentation you for the project. You can create views of your model to specific scale. You can even use it for creating full size patterns if that’s something you need. In LayOut you can choose the appropriate paper size for the project even if you need to send the resulting PDF out for printing.