2015 Not able to install and run on Windows 7 Professional

I have used various Sketchup versions in the past with no issue. After attempting to install 2015 (both Make and Pro trial) on my Dell Precision M3800, the program will not function. Once the install is complete and I restart my computer, click the Sketchup icon, and click the “Start Using Sketchup” button, an immediate bug splat appears. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

(For other SU folks, start with crash id #96532)


As far as I can tell, SketchUp is crashing while talking to the graphics card driver on your machine, which appears to be an integrated intel graphics chipset. I’d recommend double-checking to make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card. Also, the specs on the M3800 say that it has an NVidia video card, so I’m surprised that it appears to be initializing an Intel graphics driver. Are you using an external monitor, by any chance?


Thank you for your response Marc. I am using an external monitor (two actually). Could that be the problem? I have tried with the external monitors on and then again completely disconnected to no avail. Additionally, I have gone through and updated all of the drivers on my graphics card. Still no luck.

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The specs I found online say that you might have a Nvidia Quadro graphics card. What might be happening here is that SketchUp is despite that using the Intel graphics that are integrated in your CPU.

If you have a Nvidia, you should have the Nvidia control panel (right-click on your desktop), and you should check in tis 3D settings that 3D applications and SketchUp in particular are set to use the Nvidia card and not the default automatic selection.

Are you using graphics drivers from Dell or from Nvidia directly? I would recommend the latter.



Thank you for your help Anssi. It looks like I have an Intel graphics card…

Any problems that you see here that could be causing this Sketchup malfunction?

looks like your Dell Precision M3800 does use the nVidia Optimus technology w/ 2 video subsystems and the shared intel HD 4600 running.

As Anssi already wrote above, you need to configure to use the dedicated nVidia Quadro K1100m for SketchUp from inside your nVidia Control Panel.