2 days of work lost after publishing to Trimble Connect

I’m using SketchUp on iPad.

After publishing my .skp model to Trimble Connect I got an error message, “Invalid model”.
After clicking away the message I noticed a new file I my recents folder, called model.skp next to the model I just published, called Lägenhet.skp.

It says model.skp has Last Modified date today and Lägenhet.skp 2 days ago.
None contain the recent work I just published though.
It’s as if it downloaded the old model and overwrote the new one instead of Published :man_facepalming:

How can this happen? How do I get it back?

What happens if you use a web browser and the web version of SketchUp to try opening the file from Trimble Connect? The Go plan with iPad includes the web version too. You can also log into Trimble Connect and navigate through the files stored there that way.



iOS app

it’s the same models in the web version.
None contains the latest updates.

Always keep a local back up of all your files. I know that’s hard to hear at a time like this, but you never want it to happen again. I keep daily back ups on 3 local drives and dropbox. Overkill I’m sure, but I have lost work before and will never again.


Go to the version history in the web app - there will be a version from every single time you press “publish”.

You can download any version