1001bit Create Horizontal Louvres

Hi there!
I’d like to use “Create Horizontal Louvres” in the menu 1001bit to create shutters on my windows, BUT when I apply it on my vertical surface (window surface), it just doesn’t work!!!
The result is not what I expect it to be, BUT to create copy of my vertical surface, horizontally, somewhere further!!!
Could somebody help me with that please? Thank you!

This is what I want to see, and this is what I get:

What does the manual say? I know there is a manual as I have the PRO version, just never really created louvres with it.

min 34:12

I use this fairly routinely without issues. The only gotcha to look out for is when select the plane you want it to build onm make sure you don’t have something behind that plane (perhaps hidden from view) inadvertently selected as well. From the attachment it looks like you’ve got the window and a far corner of the house selected when you hit go. Try it on an ordinary plane on the ground or standing vertically away from the house first.