1001 bit tools License

Does anyone know if they have any customer service at all? I have tried emailing them 10 times or so and no response. I am trying to use sketchup 2017 but it says that all of my licenses(2) for bit tools has been used. Right now I will continue to work in 2016 since I do not want to have to buy 1001 bit tools again when I have already purchased it. It is getting a little irritating.

Hi Trevor, just wondering if you had any luck with 1001 bit tools license support? I was thinking of purchasing the Pro version but curious to see what the support is like. Doesn’t sound good so far. Also wondering if it is compatible with SU 2017. I’m using SU Pro 2016 but probably upgrade to 2017 eventually so keen to know how you went with license issues.

The support with 1001 bit tools is very poor. I emailed them multiple times and never got a response for the longest time. Eventually after a month or so they responded. They fixed all of my issues instantly. I am able to run 1001 bit tools in SU 2016 pro and SU 2017 pro simultaneously. I would say just be sure to only use their extension in either 2016 or 2017 whichever one you use. I highly t commend it because I am able to a lot of my building modeling with it. Saves me a ton of time. Let me know what happens or if I can be more of assistance.