1001bit pro has problems?

I’m curious if anyone else has had this problem. I installed the 30 day trial for 1001bit tools. I then started having serious group problems in Sketchup (not related to 1001Bit tool use). The Outliner went dead and wouldn’t allow selection or expansion of branches. I closed Sketchup and reopened. Same problem persisted. I then thought the only thing I had done was to install the 1001Bit extension. I uninstalled it and restarted sketchup. All grouping problems went away. Has anyone had a similar problem?

That plugin hasn’t been updated in years, probably it’s causing the problems in sketchup, in wouldn’t recommend you to buy it, it doesn’t have support anymore.

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I have 1001bit Pro installed on SU Pro 2023 and I am not seeing these issues.

Thanks for your replies. I will not be reinstalling because it is not supported (even if it wasn’t the culprit of my troubles). I used it for its roof building capabilities. Any recommendations?

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Check out the Medeek extensions.

Try Instant Roofs by Valli Architects

Hi Dave,

Thanks! I’ve seen that a lot, but never tried it.



Thanks! I will have a look!!

Do you suggest another option as a total package? loved the overal versitility provided by 1001Pro. Having issues aswell since install. 2014 last updated tells enough.