Older plug compatibility ? (1001 Bit Tools)

Hi all
annoying newbie back once again
I was wondering if I should install the extension 1001 Bit Tools, even though I get a warning that is is not compatible with either my computer (windows 10) or my version of sketchup (sketchup Pro, current version)
If I do, and it causes issues, is it easy to uninstall, or am I asking for trouble?
Thanks in advance for any help!

Go for it, this warning is common with many extensions. AFIK, it will work.

Yes via the Extension manager, find it in the manage tab.

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Thank You!

The reason for this warning is because the author of the extension hasn’t checked for compatibility (yet) or hasn’t updated the compatible versions list (yet)…
Most of the time these extensions work in a newer version…


Thank you