10 steps to become a SketchUp fluent user

Hi :wave:,

Are you looking to take your SketchUp skills to the next level? :triangular_ruler::sparkles:

:link: Check out the infographic showing 10 steps to become a SketchUp expert!

This is mostly for fresh users but even if you’re already an advanced one, you might find some hidden gems to enhance your work.

Some points look obvious, but can you really tell that you master them?


Did ChatGPT write this?

I have to say, the 4th point was a surprise to me, but I really never expected the 10th ! :slight_smile:

And (maybe at nr 01): read (and keep close at hand) the Help Center “manual”


Thanks Buzzfeed :smile:


Please replace your link with the actual tutorial, here on the forum. You can include a link along with the content, but posts in this category have to include the actual tutorial content.


He certainly helped with language skills :wink:

Great point!

So you are the lucky one who masters it! :clap:

Nice idea and beautiful graphic, but I thnk the consensus is that the advice is not super helpful…

Given that your primary business developing extensions, can I suggest you offer some training and support through the folks at Sloped, who are dedicated to SketchUp training? Perhaps they offer an affiliate scheme?