You've Made LayOut Faster!

I don’t know if it’s partly to do with me updating my Windows OS or if it’s improvements to LayOut in the most recent release BUT LayOut feels sharper. More responsive and is even aligning text in different scenarios much better (especially when aligning in two different orientations simultaneously).

By George, I think SketchUp is finally cracking the tricky performance issues that seem to plague LayOut! Well done, guys! :smiley:


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While I can’t take any credit for the improvements, what are you using LayOut for out of curiosity?

I’ve used it to create a range of different plans, including a floor plan from a 3D model (imported from SketchUp); imported 2D plans and imported image files. I’m doing similar things I’ve done in the past when LayOut was sluggish. Especially from they adjusted the way viewports worked. So I’m able to make direct comparisons.

Are you an architect or interior designer?

I’m a 3D Visualiser with a background in Interior Design. I also teach Interior Designers how to use SketchUp :slight_smile:

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