Write values to Advance Attributes

Folks, I’m wondering if there’s any limit that we can write attributes from a database (e.g. an Excel spreadsheet) to the Advance Attributes underneath Entity Info?
Thanks in advance.

You can add new attributes to the “advanced” dictionaries, … but SketchUp will not display them.

This is because the list is “hard-coded” by the application.

We just covered all this in a recent topic thread …

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To clarify, you can change values of existing keys. But adding new key-value pairs will not be picked up.

What do you mean by “not be picked up” ?

I’ve tested this (and so can you.)

New key value pairs are saved. They are still there when the model is reopened.

However (as I said in the referenced topic) the advanced attributes are not really suited (for reasons stated in that thread) for propagating into LayOut as autotext labels.