Write values to Advance Attributes

Folks, I’m wondering if there’s any limit that we can write attributes from a database (e.g. an Excel spreadsheet) to the Advance Attributes underneath Entity Info?
Thanks in advance.

You can add new attributes to the “advanced” dictionaries, … but SketchUp will not display them.

This is because the list is “hard-coded” by the application.

We just covered all this in a recent topic thread …

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To clarify, you can change values of existing keys. But adding new key-value pairs will not be picked up.


What do you mean by “not be picked up” ?

I’ve tested this (and so can you.)

New key value pairs are saved. They are still there when the model is reopened.

However (as I said in the referenced topic) the advanced attributes are not really suited (for reasons stated in that thread) for propagating into LayOut as autotext labels.

That’s something that should be added into LO side to read attribute values isn’t it?

Perhaps not, as was discussed in the referenced topic. (Ie, advanced attributes are sort of “closely held” for the SketchUp Dev Team’s native uses. They are hard-coding which attributes appear in both applications.) So use DC attributes instead for custom use.

Thank Dan, but seems the DC attributes are not available to be read in LO for the moment I think… Cheers :slight_smile:

Since when? Use the Label tool …


… click the button next to the label text with the down pointing triangle.
Choose one of the attributes with the DC icon next to it. (You may need to scroll down.)