Would somebody please provide useable instructions


I have NEVER used a CAD program before and although my query is being amswered by generously helpful people - it is not being answered in a manner I can use to further my capabilities in using Sketchup 2017.

Please refer to topic of discussion titled “Gearing up with Sketchup” and please tell me what I’m not doing correctly or what is not shown in the video presentation of a solution for my question that I need to do to make this program do what I want it to do… We haven’t even gotten to my specific questions on gears yet, and at present I’m getting absolutely nowhere.
Thank you.
Am I missing something obvious?
Do me a huge favor… don’t respond with a show and tell of your abilities with Sketchup Please list the Tool Titles and pop up menu selections in the sequences needed to accomplish my goal any additional keystrokes while holding a mouse button (I can program up to six additional buttons on my mouse to compensate for my paralysis but that is all)… The other persons demo says 31 solid components mine almost always says 1… It said 14 once, 18 once, and even 93 once but regardless of what it has ever said, it only ever displayed ONE. I don’t even have a clue how I got it to change… I end up starting a new file and not saving the old one again and again and again. I’ve lost count how many times.


I agree so get a mirrow and look in it.;
1)The video link ( post 32 / 51) you provide in the ref is a disaster. It stops before the end then picks up another part of the play list that is on the edge of pron. There may be some setting in my player but I sure would not want young children to see it;
2)Get off your behind and post your model vs. putting folks who are trying to help through all the exercise. They have spent hours on teaching you how to draw a hole is which ridiculous. You will get better solutions quicker, more accurate and avoid a lots of frustration on your part;
3)You do know how to read and there are many videos and links that can answer most question you can think of but, you have to do some search some times. So stop whining it really does not help with solutions;
4) Here is the plate with holes I modeled , it does meet all your requirements. The radius is different ( 12.46303) than what you used but , it was made to meet the requirements with min segments; The gear design maybe a major issue so suggest you get on with that an once we have your plate and find your issue there you should be ahead of the game. I could not duplicate your failure using jus a simple plane and circles. My guess is you are using too many vertices ( segments. Large numbers with the medical issue maybe causing problems so learn to use min segs when you can), get rid the fraction display; use decimal; disable the length snapping;_
5) The number of solid components reported is a function of how you model. May attached file shows onLy one because I exploded all the components I had used
Sorry for your medical issues but you are not alone. I had stroke in late 06 that nearly killed me and then two heart valves replaced several years ago. When going through hell just keep going. :smirk:
gear.skp (77.6 KB)