Workspace layout differences (2017 to 2018)

Hi All,
I have recently migrated to SU2018Pro (from 2017Pro). I have multiple screens and prefer to use one screen (left) all the various dialog boxes.

In 2017 I could create and display trays that contained all the various tool groups (Outliner, Layers, etc.) side by side so that they could all be viewed (and selected) at a glance.

This option is NOT available in 2018. Yes, you can create all the same trays with tools grouped as you like, but these CANNOT be displayed side by side, but are truncated and only available via a tab system.

This is a huge retrograde step and slows functionality greatly.

Ps. … and for what it’s worth the same methodology is employed in Layout as well. Until this is FIXED I’ll be going back to what works (ie. SU2017)


Below are some screen shots of what I’m referring to.


NOT true. (Please remove the bug tag.) The Microsoft MFC tray system has not changed in decades.

Simply grab the tray tab holding it (LMB down) and drag it off the Outliner panel’s tray. It will change to a floating window. Put it wherever you wish.

Thanks Dan, but in English please: MFC=?, LMB=?

I see this as a migration issue. We should be able to save our preferences (all of them, not just shortcuts) to a file and them when upgrading, load our personal preferences. These would include tray locations and sizes (something that Layout does remember, even from session to session).

MFC = Microsoft Foundation Classes

LMB = Left Mouse Button

I agree, and others have also. But it is not a bug, it is a lack of feature, and so requires a feature request.

Perhaps you’d like to read or participate in these Feature Request topic threads …

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