Workflow for creating mortises in cylinder?

I have a 3rd party program that can flatten and unfold this cylinder BUT I need to get past this first challenge of mortising the “spokes” into the cylinder (without creating the stray lines you see).
(I realize this can be done with calculations, but I’d like to leverage Solid Tool, for irregular designs…)
This hoop was created in Vcarve and imported (possibly part of the issue).

Does anyone have a Solid Tools (or similar workflow) solution for punching out the mortises in to the cylinder?

Many thanks.

Hoop.skp (1.2 MB)

I would make one floating tenon the size i want, make it a group, place it parallel with the
red axis on the cylinder, use native subtract to make the mortise, finally use rotate/copy array to
make the other mortises. Did you check your messages?

I don’t see private message feature on this board, if that’s what someone sent…
I’ve avoided any type of circular object creation in SU, because all the faceting, but I’ll give that arraying technique a try thanks.

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If it were me, I’d start over. The ring made in Vcarve appears to be a smooth ring. The cylinder, in SketchUp, is faceted. That’s a feature, not a bug. But the ring and cylinder won’t ever mesh precisely. Also, the cylinder seems to have no thickness. Is that correct? I’d draw the ring and the cylinder in SketchUp, setting the circle tool to the same number of sides for each (the default is 24). Make each shape a component (not a group). Align the two shapes so the facets line up. Move the ring into position, then use Solid Tools or the Bool Tools plug-in to create the mortises.


Always drawing circles on axis and moddeling the ring in place makes this an unnecessary step…

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Hoop - JL - 2024-02-09.skp (867.9 KB)

I am no sage or expert of Su but if you look at the op file you will see that the flat of the gear has a 5” diameter and the OD of the cylinder is 5” if you scale up the cylinder so the inside is 5”+ solid tools will work with what he already has 5” will not fit inside 5”-

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You need to wrap your head around how the segmentation works in sketchup. It is entirely predictable and can be used to your advantage. Your imported ring has aover 400 segments in the ring and a few flat spots, you can use that ring to create an accurate offset cylinder that will fit, but you currently have a cylinder that is unrelated to the ‘curve’ you have brought in from Vcarve.
This is a simplification of what you are wanting to do, you could do this with much larger numbers of segments to create a smoother curve, but the logic is the same.
GIF 10-02-2024 11-31-10 PM
The important trick is to realign the circle so you have a workable flat face on axis.


Wow, thanks Box!
Have never used Outer Shell, but will definitely look into it…
Also, now I see what you mean about taking advantage of SU’s circle segmenting behavior…
Instead of thinking of it as a circle, looks like you’ve leveraged the “circle’s” polygon segment to define what will become the tenon’s widths…

Thanks again!

Thanks! Looks like that’s what Box did in his animation?

Also, thanks for the Bool Tools recommendation.

I’ll just throw this in to show that an offset of your Imported Vcarve can work.
GIF 11-02-2024 12-37-44 AM

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