Cut a radius from a circle



I have a cylinder drawn, I would like to take a circle and cut a radius from the circle to match the radius of the cylinder.

Any suggestions would be most helpful.




Can you provide a sketch or rephrase the question? I don’t understand what you mean…


Something like one of these?


Here is a top view,



As usual, there are no doubt several ways to do this. Here’s one:

Draw the circle on the top of the cylinder, select the crescent-shaped face and its edges by double-click, make them a group, and drag it away from the cylinder. Then erase the left over part of the circle on top of the cylinder.


Thanks slbaumgartner

Looks like a simple process.


As you can tell I just started using Sketchup

I am trying to create the below cylinder, Could someone give me some pointer on how to make these crescent shapes more uniform and be able to link them to the cylinder a bit or accurately.

I am getting gaps in the linking and having problems with the crescents sitting right on the surface of the cylinder.




what are you trying to make and maybe it will help us help you? If you just want any of those parts around your cylinder, do this…

select all of the best crescent thing and then make it a component. then you can place it in all the other places with radial arrays or move/copy.


Hello Rick, The cylinder is a 5 gallon bucket and I am attempting to work on some design ideas to attach some 16 gauge sheet metal
to the outside of the bucket in the fashion of fins.




Draw the cylinder for the bucket and make it a component or group.

Then draw a disk for the fin and place it as desired. Use Intersect faces to get the side of the bucket to cut the disk. Erase the unneeded part and a little Push/Pull action on the remaining part to make the fin 3D. Then make it a component and copy it around the bucket as needed. It’ll fit with no gaps.


As long as you stay on the correct segment orientation.


Yes. That’s true. I was going to elaborate but since it appears his fins are 180° apart, I figured I wouldn’t write more.