Woodworking in SketchUp

Why the furniture companies asking for Sketch up models for wood working
Why they don’t prefer 3ds max or Revit or some other 3d software’s
What’s the difference in delivering the model in Sketch up compared with some other 3d software’s
Please reply ASAP

My guess is that furniture companies ask for SketchUp models for a couple of reasons: One, a SketchUp model can be created fairly quickly. Two, SketchUp models work seamlessly with some 20 rendinging programs, giving those models great versatility. In SketchUp, you always work full-size and you always work in three dimensions; I don’t believe that’s the case with other CAD programs. That may also help explain why furniture companies want SketchUp models.

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This may also be a matter of total cost, including learning time. SketchUp’s Pro license is inexpensive compared to the big guys, and because it is less encumbered with built-in specialty tools it is generally considered easier to learn.

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3DS Max and Revit are expensive Autodesk products that use proprietary file formats that can not be opened, converted or saved by any other applications.

Who wouldn’t want ones products in an early stage of the design process embedded?
By reaching out to the designer’s and architects’s of the world and trying to get them to use your furniture/products etc. you are one step ahead of the competition. I have not met an architect who doesn’t use SketchUp for preliminary designs. Getting your products in that stage is important.

I’m curious what furniture companies are demanding SketchUp files.

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I’m wondering that, too. Demand seems like a strong word.

And what’s the rush?

BTW, I fixed your spelling of SketchUp for you.

Could you supply some context for us? Are any furniture companies asking you to provide SketchUp models? Are you somehow working with furniture companies, e.g. as a freelancing designer?

Personally I’d be surprised to find this isn’t little more than spam.

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