#Woodworking geometry cutouts in dynamic parts. Plywood door openings etc

Out of curiosity only, what is the opening for? I can’t quite see it as a handle for a pull out shelf.

And if at the front, not a notch for pipes, though if it were at the back it could be that.

This example shows the use of the rectangle cutout. It doesn’t matter where we put it on in this thread. The way of doing that was way more important.
Openings in doors will be usualy just holes, which were an easier thing to write (actually I didn’t even check hole, started with more complex thing and just got frustrated)

I think I see. You put a finger or two in the opening, then pull forward the front face of a door or drawer?

Yes, exactly. Not going to work in all materials, but this is for plywood cabinets and furniture.

I found this model by accident, it’s written in the same way you did. It gives me every step exactly how it works.
Thanks again for all the help :slight_smile: