Wishes for new Revit importer features

Continuing the discussion from SketchUp 2023 Revit Import:

In order for the Revit-importer to offer a streamlined workflow, the following two point - as a minimum - should be implemented:

1: Upon choosing the Revit file to import, you should be asked what view to import, for example in a drop down list or similar. The way the imported view is currently determined requires way too much prep work in the Revit-file and poses a risk of messing up things if its a big work shared model. Not ideal.
2: In order to only import the necessary geometry (for smoother SU-models) the importer should be able to recognize section boxes in the picked view. As of now the importer disregards the section box and imports the whole model (which is time consuming and makes heavy/slow SU-files)

The following features would also very much improve the importer:

3: Being able to specify which linked files to be imported (and whether as same or separate files).

4: Being able to choose desired phase.

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