Wireframe shapes aren't transferred?

Hi, while testing the creation of a axis grid, I realize that it is not possible to recover the lines and other wireframe shapes in Sketchup, only the surfaces are transferred.
Will it be possible one day?

Axis grid LC Trimble Creator


I am also curious about this! I was hoping to use some lines as guid on cabinet for the door location.

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Hi Jerome,

The next release of SketchUp should support polylines (as described as wireframes above). If you have access to the SketchUp beta/alpha you should find that Polylines would work.

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Hi Keith,
It’s a good news but then how to transfer this LC in Sketchup if the web version of Trimble Creator doesn’t recognize it ?

2 lines and wireframes
3 Opening in Sketchup
4 nothing except the possibility to change the parameters


Working on a fix for this now!


Hi Keith, this is off topic a bit, but how does one sign up for sketchup beta/alpha access? Apologies, if this was posted somewhere already.

I suspect that invites are full up, I’ll forward your details to someone that might be able to get you onboard though!

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