WIP TUTORIAL -- SKETCHUP - LAYERS - TAGS? How to create, manage and change layer or tag drawings

WIP tutorial (Work In Progress tutorial) is a perfect way to avoid feeling bad about all the critisism you get here, albeit mostly meant as feedback. And you may learn a lot along the way.

And don’t forget, even for experts writing a good tutorial can be difficult. In fact it requires an additional set of skills.

A good reason why many companies hire separate tech writers to do documentation and tutorials, banning developers!

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thanks for the explanation of wip

Dear Jerryvento;
Can you show your tutorial in English please? Or should I say “how
to turn this into English?” Thank you.

Donald Coles dba Dharma Graphics

Hello Nospys007,

Here is a little gif to explain how to display the subtitles. I add the subtitles to the other tutorials when I have time to do so.
I will soon release a tutorial that gives THE method recommended by sketchup, it is complementary to this tutorial.