Window Tint differs on opp side

This very nice door model came from BrendanK95. I split it in half so I could have the doors open/close. The tint is different on one side than the other (yes, it’s the same door, except rotated for the other side. Tried matching textures, flipping the faces but nothing worked. Any ideas? (Attached skp below the picture.)

Here’s BrendanK95’s original and my edit of his to make a single door.

DoorBrendanK95.skp (4.7 MB) DoorSingleBrendanK95.skp (4.9 MB)

That is a very poorly constructed door. Apart from the layers all being wrong and the face orientation incorrect, it has one face painted with a different glass material so when you look through one face you see the other material.
Also, please purge models before you upload them to remove all the extraneous extras.

Here I show you how to find then sample one material and paint it on the ‘wrong’ face. Also note how all the invisible geometry shows up when I triple click, highlighting the incorrect use of layers. Plus 90% of the face orientation is reversed.


Reminds me a little of the story of the foreigner in Ireland, who asks the way to Ballysloughguttery.

The Irishman replies “If that’s where you want to get to, I wouldn’t start from here!”

More seriously, it’s simple enough construction that you might as well draw it for yourself.

Even the handles have some reversed faces and unclosed borders, which I think would be easier to redraw from scratch than to fix - I’ve tried fixing them, and can’t.

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Just a simple stupid question…would you make the glass one face (rather two back to back) instead of 8 separate faces?