Will saving a large amount of saved views for an animation slow down my PC & KERYTHEA render lights?

Hello I am at 60+ views and growing to make a an entire movie about an entire project. My PC is not very strong so I have one huge problem already I cant really import a bigger piece that I would have modeled in another file. So I am basically building all in one file. that in the moment is 80MB. So I save and save and have now over 30 saved evolution. I know I don’t need the animation now but I have have the views that are very pertinent and as I go I add. Does this slow down my project make it heavier on the PC? I find more and more SPLAT situation as I grow my project.

You can see some pics I dared to upload here before.
I am weary, because I want to go to China to a contact and introduce it all and don’t want it to be there or anywhere before. So I only share with a few here I was in contact with.

PS:For those who I have chatted before and my sudden silence since last year. My mother passed and left me heaps of problems to solve overseas.
After all that I went to school to get a deep immersion 4 month certificat in 3D CAD yes 60+ I was the oldest student in class . It was about autoCAD, Revit and Sketchup .
Love the latter two, but still not in love with autoCAD.
This does not make me perfect at all but I discovered how to move stuff around between software
I like the Revit rendering machine that I find MY faster than the Visualizer for Sketchup that can take a whole night for a render that Revit will do in 2-4hrs max (unfortunately my PC can’t do the HIGH setting) So I have been working on Kerkythea that can do fast and not use so much power. But still have big issues I can’t get the sun to shine as I want it on projects that don’t have their own lights
Here is a basement suits I made

But most others (that I uploaded a few weeks ago to JIM are like in the dark) I put the pacific time september 3Pm but still it comes out very dark around
Thank you

For those who care here is my class work of my mid exam https://visualsenses.smugmug.com/PRIVATE-GALLERIES/3D-Revit-class/i-v9w3Scj

and the final portfolio of a mix of things Sketchup Revit and bit of autoCAD
the building is my own concept from scratch took me two weeks to do


Thanks to all

Long story short, I believe the essence of your question is:

  • If by “saved views” you mean rendered image files that Kerkythea saved after rendering, then it should be negligible. While data operations on hard-drives are relatively slow (compared to memory), the saving an image file is not the speed-determining step because rendering it takes much longer. It is probably unlikely that your hard drive is getting filled up soon and slowed down by disk fragmentation.
  • If you mean SketchUp scenes, the amount of scenes should not impact SketchUp’s performance much because only one (the current) view is displayed at a time. However, SketchUp renders thumbnails for each scene in the background, which can slow down model loading times. You can disable thumbnail display in the Scenes browser ( button → List) or disable thumbnail creation in the Scenes browser (). While modeling in big models, you can also disable scene transitions in Window → Model Info → Animation (although this is independent of the number of scenes).

Anything you share here is public to the whole internet, including our Chinese users who are honest people asking questions and needing help just like you.

Thank you very much will try that…I just run my 60 scenes shades with texture and edges in the animation and find that many area partially sort of greyed out.
Oh dear, my close friend architect in Belgium (not a beginner!) he speaks fluent Mandarin etc.
He won a contest in Belgium years ago building a hotel down an old quarry. Years later there are two (much inspired and improved with current technology) copies built in China.
The same architect won the Internet call for the new Hong Kong waterfront Design contest that should have given him the “project of his life”. Yes he won, but HKG gave the project to a huge USA consortium to built he never got ziltch from it!

ORIGINAL CONCEPT http://www.tpda.be/TPDA/Pictures.html#39
Speaking perfect Mandarin he was invited to PRC to present the project
Something was built later but he never was given a cent or credit

Often it will not be an immediate knock off but once it’s out there
NOTHING IS SAFE especially when money can buy anything in PRC just at the snap of the right finger which is on a good thing when looking for the huge works for architects from all
over the world.


I worked and lived in Hong Kong and China for near 30years as Fashion and Interior Designer and my husband is Chinese. NOTHING is safe there NOTHING NEVER EVER unless you are dealing with your contact. I designed the uniforms for a 5 star hotel in PRC. The bill was supposed to be paid in HKG by the local office. When all was done, the uniforms delivered, myself there with my accountant etc. were told the payment will be local meaning one has to use the mostly used hush money method through Shanghai where all you get is a piece of paper to hand in to a company in HKG both sides take big % for western companies to get the profit out of the country.
Made me loose close to 50% of the balance of my balance on the whole project.
But still I do admire the progresses of China what they are building and daring to do compared to to Europe, USA and Canada :slight_smile: Call me a Sinophile …

In 2007 I was invited by OVAL PARTNERSHIP in Hong Kong to present my concept for a new Hotel for this Hotel https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g297415-d1060833-Reviews-Dragon_Spring_Hotel-Shenzhen_Guangdong.html#photos;aggregationId=&albumid=101&filter=7
Went did the presentation and Design etc never got anything
but lavish lunch with owners and appreciation of my Design etc.
Loads of HKG and PRC companies like to push forward a Caucasian Designer, as it just is a fashionable thing to do. I am keeping my eyes out to see when and where the concept may pop up as it is totally unique.

Thank you for your reply concerning my initial