Will my computer work with Sketchup - see specs

I would like to know if my Macbook Air with the following specifications will work with Sketckup 2020.

Storage available 250GB

macOS Mojave
Version 10.14.6
MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015)
Processor 1.6GHx Intel Core i5
Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Startup Disk Macintosh HD
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 6000 15.36 MB


You could download it and try it yourself. There is a 30 days trial that works with a sign in.

It will work and if you model ‘agile’ you will be fine. If you want to render as well, you will have to be more patient.

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My Macbook Air crashed once when I synced my iPhoneXR to it. The tech could not figure out how to correct it. Fortunately, I left it off for a couple of days and tried it and it came back up.

I do not want to lost everything again on my computer, even though I have an external hard drive. I want to know the chances that since I have and i6 processor and instructions say i7 processor, it will work.

Thanks, Barbara

SketchUp will run fine on an i5 processor. Your Mac is getting old, but even new it was their slowest computer and would struggle with any heavy lifting. SketchUp should install and run, but I wouldn’t expect it to do it particularly well for anything remotely complex.

Seems to me considering what you have for hardware and your concerns, you might do well to consider replacing the Macbook Air with something that is more up to the task.

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What is the most economical and best to consider using?