Will an M2 MacBook Air suffice?

Hi, I need to train myself properly on Sketchup Pro and start using it for client projects - my current MacBook Air is too old to run Sketchup. I am an interior designer and will be using it for room plans, cabinetry etc but as I work alone I will not be running multiple projects through it at a time. I am trained in Vectorworks but am planning to use Sketchup instead and perhaps Enscape in future - but again not frequently.

I have been reading up on the new MacBook Air 15 M2 and Pro 14 M2 and know that it may be more sensible to go for the basic Pro 14 however I would prefer the larger Air screen and the price difference is still a jump - I’m not sure I can justify it, unless you can change my mind! Does anyone currently use Sketchup Pro on a MacBook Air and are you happy with it?

I have an iPad Pro so will be using the two together and will consider purchasing a monitor for larger screen options.

Thanks in advance! I am completely clueless with tech and the more I read, the more unsure I become!

The M2 chip is one of the best and more efficient on the market, it’s single core performance can handle even very big models, if you are going to use enscape it would be better the 14” MacBook with the M2 pro chip, it has a better gpu than the not pro.