Will "integrated on-board graphics" drive Sketchup 2017?

I am running SU Make 2016 on a 64 bit Win10 laptop. It has an ATI video processor, which SU 2017 says won’t work (the SU workaround doesn’t solve the problem either). I’m thinking of getting a low end refurbished desktop computer dedicated to Sketchup 2017. The question is: since these low end computers all seem to say they have “integrated on-board graphics,” will SU 2017 work? I don’t want to buy a cheap computer and then need to go out and buy a $200 graphics card. I’m not a power user of SU.

IF the graphics will support OpenGL 3.x.

BTW, your old Radeon 4200 is supposed to meet these requirements of OpenGL 3.2 and 512MB of GRAM.
However, this hardware is so old there are not Win10 drivers for it. Ie, the machine should not have been upgraded to Win10. (Despite this, some users in the AMD forum have forced Win10 to use the older legacy Win7/8 drivers.)


SketchUp has NEVER recommended ANY integrated graphics hardware.

You could try and get someone in the store to install SketchUp Make on one of the display computers so you could test drive it in the store (perhaps.)

The main problem with “low end” student grade notebooks is they are using the cheaper APUs which sometimes are older APUs. This are designed at running office applications. They are not 3D machines.

You will want to be getting 6th or 7th generation CPUs/APUs that use late generation graphics that will be supported by drivers updates for some time to come.

The members here are always going to recommend an Nvidia dedicated graphics solution. This may be a card plugged into your machine or might be a chipset built onto the motherboard in addition to the CPU/GPU combination (the APU) of the processor manufacturer. Gaming notebooks are often supplied this way.

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