Why is SketchUp so slow with topo meshes?

It’s daunting to me that a polygonal modeler such as SKP has issues with viewport lag when working with by topographical meshes. I was able to sculpt this mesh smoothly in Cinema 4D, and then imported it to Rhino to map a Google Earth texture and I had no issues. I import the mesh into Sketchup and it takes forever to move around.

I need the mesh to be very defined for close up shots but big enough for background. The only program that I am having issues with is Sketchup.

This is the mesh before detailing it, directly from Geo Location inside Skethcup.

The quads are huge! About 260 x 290 meters.

I then subdivided the mesh to so that quds are 20 x 20 meters instead.

Which makes it extremely heavy in sketchup’s vewiport. When I turn the geometry visibility to off everything runs ok.

Maybe it just not the correct software to deal with this type of geometry or detailed mesh?