It's so slow

its literally taking me 5+ minutes to apply textures to simple planes. Impossible to navigate through my model. 97mb file.

I cannot wait until Rhino becomes the new industry standard.

I hate sketchup. everything about it.

this object apparently has the applied material on both sides, but its still purple. this type of thing happens all the time. so frustrating. 10-15 seconds between clicks/operations.

Feel free.

When Rhino becomes the industry standard you will have to say goodbye to all the 1M polygon trees you have inserted in your model (or are they cars, sofas or bikini-clad girls?)

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its literally planes, walls, and text. apparently this is just too much.

tell me how to search for the highest polygon count object in my sketchup model and I will tell you exactly which object is the heaviest.

I can tell you this is a very simple task to do using rhino/grasshopper. I don’t even know how to approach that task in sketchup.

I’m copy/pasting materials from a 200mb sketchup file (slow turd) into a smaller, simpler sketchup file and the 200mb file is actually faster. why is the smaller file so much slower? where is the bloat? it has maybe 1/200th (literally) of the materials, objects, etc. The large file has MANY cars/entourage/high polygon count objects (aka meshes for normal programs)

wheres the consistency?

I use Statistics Probe. I forget whether I got it from the Extension Warehouse or Sketchucation.

For me it would be about impossible to create an 97 MB model with just flat planes and without importing any bloat elements. My last large project was a competition entry in a museum competition so I needed to put in some entourage. The file is 8 MB.


I’ll download that.

do I need a plugin to make spheres? I can’t import spheres from other programs in any file type. whats the trick?

Feel free to use alternative software.


Thanks for the tip. I do use alternative softwares as much as possible and will continue to. Unfortunately converting/working in sketchup at some point is unavoidable and a huge bottleneck.

My dude - I am working on a model for a 2 story house right now. Walls, doors, windows, 2d fixtures, 3d cabinetry… the file is only 405kb. As in KILOBYTES. You have poison in your well.


Now, it’s not a completed model - it will likely bloat to somewhere around 10MB by the time it’s finished, but still…

Why not attach the model so we can take a look?

Shame on you, old SketchUp.

Huh? Just added a solid sphere in AutoCAD, wblocked it to a new dwg file and imported it into SU Pro 2021. Sure, it’s not a perfect, smooth sphere as to SU’s limitations on curves but it did come in.

It’s trivial to make a sphere in SketchUp with native tools. All you need it Follow Me with a couple of circles.

SketchUcation: SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation

As has already been said, no you don’t. FollowMe will do it.

But there are several plugins that may make it easier and quicker. One I partly wrote is SU Draw Parametric Shapes from the SketchUcation Plug-in store.

You can change its size and number of segments in its circles after it’s been drawn.

1st. We have no idea what kind of machine you are working on. 2nd. What is the purpose of your workflow? Half of the battle is knowing what tools / plugins / hardware to use to get the work done that you need to do. 3rd. “I hate sketchup. everything about it.” is helpful to no one. 4th. going back to your original post; “its literally taking me 5+ minutes to apply textures to simple planes.” is suspiciously indicative of slow CPU, low ram, an old disk based hard drive, and or a slow video card. This result could also be caused by a SU plugin. Rhino is cool, especially grasshopper. Let us know what you are doing or seeing done in Rhino, and then we might be able to direct you to the resources that would allow you to do that with SU. Cheer!

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Built entirely in SketchUp, rendered with Enscape. These models are 200-300mb each and are perfectly workable.

Something something workman and his tools …. @Finneas, stop being an ass.


I hate SketchUp. I hate Rhino. I hate myself. Sometimes. But always. So what’s the point?

My point is that there will never be one industry standard. You just need to pick the tool that’s right for your job at that moment.

Tell me. Do you do everything with the hammer in and around the house, or … do you use different tools?