Why is it so inconvenient?


Ok, I’ve been using SU for couple of weeks and I rally struggle with modelling.
Have people who made it ever tried any other editors?

  1. If I want to move an object to a precise coordinates, I need to turn it into a component, then open properties window, then add X, Y, Z properties and only then I will be able to move my object. And even then — I need to double-click every field, because simple TAB button is not working! And yes, your tutorial stating that I just need to use square brackets, didn’t help either.
    Are you people serious? I have to spend like a minute to move a singe object?
  2. Copy-paste between windows does not work. Why? Why can’t I simply copy an object from one project and paste to another?
  3. How am I supposed to duplicate objects? I am modelling a simple table with 4 legs. I copy one leg, then paste it, and the move tool moves it meters away into the depth. Not near my object, no. Meter away.
  4. Check the move tool in 3ds max. It has axes that you can move things along just by hovering you cursor on it.
  5. I can’t move several objects in order just by clicking and moving. Every time I need select select tool first, then select object, then switch back to move tool.

Not necessary. Select anything. Select Move tool. Click on a point. Type [x;y;z] (replace my letters with your desired numbers) Depending on your region, you use the comma instead of a semicolon in my example)

It works. I don’t use a Mac. though.

See the instructions for the Move or Rotate tools

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Oh. My. God. The help article says you need to use commas. Semicolon worked fine, thank you.

It didn’t help. I do copy, then I do Paste in Place and it works. But simple paste works unpredictable.

May be this is a platform-related bug. But I can’t copy in one window and paste in another.

Spend more time. No need for ‘Paste in place’, use ‘Move’ tool + Ctrl (for copies)


There is currently a problem with the extension Skatter. It stops a few things from working correctly, including paste between documents. Disabling Skatter doesn’t seem to be enough, it will reenable itself next time. Moving Skatter out of the plugins folder should work. Or get used to doing paste in place a lot.

I have no problems copy/pasting between models/windows on MacOS. So it could be a problem such as the one Colin identifies above with Skatter, or another extension conflict.

Paste is only unpredictable when the component axis isn’t set in a logical position. When you copy/paste, the move cursor is glued to the component origin — but when that origin is (unintentionally) displaced from a corner of the object, it can seem as if the paste is happening randomly.

This is often a problem with objects imported from the 3DWH — for some reason people upload models without paying any attention to the component origin — and I’ve seen cases where the origin is (many) meters away from the object.

In either case (your own component or an imported one) the fix is to open it and re-set the axis. 3D Warehouse imports should always be opened in a blank instance first to check for scale / axis / purge problems.

As a matter of practice, I (most) always set the origin at the back left corner of my components so that paste behaviour and move snapping are predictable.


I can see that it is confusing that you have to use commas for separating dimension numbers and semi-colons for location numbers. Also, as the commonest move of this kind is back to the drawing origin, it would be nice to have a shortcut for that to avoid having to type seven different keys to identify it (or does that exist already?).

I am on a Mac and I also confirm that I can copy and paste between drawings - or probably between windows if the OP meant something different by that.

Use shortcuts to speed up the process.

Typically you don’t want to move an object to an exact coordinate but to a position relative to another object. What you then do is select what you want to move, activate Move tool, pick a point to start moving from and pick a point where you want to place the object.

Your way of using the Dynamic Component extension is not the intended way to move objects, and yes, Dynamic Components has about every UX error you can think of.

This should work. I use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V all the time between files. Make sure your two SketchUp sessions are either of the same SketchUp version, or you ae copying from old to new, not from new to old.

Use Move tool with a tap on Ctrl to enter copy mode. Copy Paste is mostly used between files and drawing contexts, not in the same drawing context.

I started developing an extension for this years ago, mostly as an experiment, but never finished it, partly because I had no need for it. You can achieve the same result just as quickly with Move tool and inference.

With one hand on the keyboard and one on the mouse you don’t even notice yourself switching tools once you get used to it. On the other hand SketchUp allows you to drag select multiple objects without moving them with the Select tool as many other programs do. I hate how InDesign and several other programs mix Select and Move into one tool.

I can get by with the current system, but several other graphical applications have done this in a way I like somewhat better:

  • Select tool and Move tool are combined
  • Clicking on a selected object, cornerpoint etc. starts a move
  • Hitting ESC cancels the current move. Otherwise hitting ESC deselects everything.
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A lot of people (to be more specific, users who came from other 3D softwares to SketchUp) used to move/rotate/scale from the pivot (axes).

and there’s this extension:

but I have no idea why it is so slow and laggy.

If it’s possible please finish your extension, even a paid plugin is fine for many users.

Imagine if we had something like ThomThom’s VertexTools pivot but except manipulating the vertices, it move/rotate/scale groups or components

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Downloads count is 1700~1800, that would be like 0,0045% of the
users. That is not much, but not for the users, perhaps.
It would be nice to have some sort of indication if you hoover over the grips in selection mode, though, after all, you might not know up front if you wish to move or scale an object when contemplating a design.

I am successful in copying between old Windows SketchUp 2017 instances (my machine is running a Windows10 OS). <Ctrl+C> in one window; change focus to the other instance; <Ctrl+V> in that one the placement depends on where the mouse is in the second window at the instant you click the .
Move and on windows copies the selection and leaves the original in place; (that does not work between instances of SketchUp).

The Edit menu has the Paste that you are using, but it also has Paste in Place. That will paste the clipboard at the same location the contents were in the first SketchUp instance scene.