Why does the measurement show a negative number

I don’t understand why this measurement shows a negative number

That’s not negative, it’s a tilde ~. It means “about” or “approximately” as a result of not being a precise measurement.

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That’s not a negative number! The first character is a Tilde “~” indicating that the displayed dimension is approximate.

This is most often caused either by precision settings in “Window --> Model Information --> Units” not being fine enough (choose a precision with more zeroes) or a units mismatch between the units in use when the model was created and when you’re making your measurement.

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ahhah, thats what I get for not wearing my glasses !
I was just watching a tutorial on SU and watched the guy flick from point to point with the tape measure and he actually explained the tilde, I went to have a practice at using the tape measure and, being a bozo I forgot all about the tilde :roll_eyes:
Thanks for the replies