Measurement now has ~ in front of number

Most of my measurements between objects in my current models have recently begun to have a ~ in front of the distance e.g. ~ 3456mm.
I seen the question/answer on this subject (“Tape measuring tool: how to show exact distances? May '15”) and I have tried various combinations of the Window/Model Info/ Precision and Length snapping options but to no avail. The ~ occurs in a newly opened model when say two rectangles are drawn on the red/green plane but not when the measurement is across a rectangle.

I would be grateful for assistance from the forum - I require 1mm precision only.
Thank you.

Joe Loughlin Dorset UK
[SU Pro 2015/ 2 years experience.]

The ~ indicates that the dimension falls between precision intervals. As long as your model isn’t drawn such that the distances between dimensioned points isn’t exactly to the nearest millimeter, the Dimension Tool will show the ~.

To avoid it [at least to some extent] you can reset the Model Info > Units to more d.p.'s
Then the ~ will only appear when a dim is just off…

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This is perhaps a rephrase of prior answers, but…

SketchUp does not provide a switch to suppress the ~ when a displayed measurement is a rounded-off version of the true value. To get 1mm precision in the measurements, you have to build the model to 1mm precision. This requires a combination of entering exact values in the Measurements when you draw a new piece of geometry and paying close attention to inference snaps as you add more geometry.

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Thank you DaveR, TIG and slbaumgartner.
From your helpful responses I believe my understanding now of the reason is; SU has length snapping of an object to a precision (my case 1mm) but there is no snapping of freely placed object to a similarly precision position - the new geometry has to be placed in measured reference to existing geometry.

The appearance of the ~ seemed to me to be just recent but obviously has always (on occasions) been there but I just haven’t noticed it.

Thank you all once again.