Measurements With a ~

When I resize a drawing using a line that is 72’ 5", I end up with ~72’ 4 31/32". Other lines show an exact figure (eg. 20’). Why are some measurements shown as approximate, while others are exact? For reference, in model info, I have length snapping off and display precision set to 1/32".

Thanks for your help …

The tilde, as you surmise, indicates an approximate dimension.

Why you get it depends on a number of things but chiefly on how you are inputting dimensions. If you draw a line of length 2.56m, for example, using the input box, it will be precisely 2.56m until something alters it.

You are absolutely correct. I can create new lines and they are shown as exact.

I think this ~ behavior is associated with resizing the model.

You can go to Model Info > Units to increase the number of decimals to suit your project. However, in many cases something like ~ 7.8 reads better than 7.782102319. Often when you know the measurement isn’t a whole number but something quite arbitrary, it no longer matters exactly what that number is.

This isn’t connected to Scale specifically, but can arise when you draw by freehand rather than entering exact values.