Why do the same textures look different?

I have 2 models: model1.skp (2.6 MB) and model2.skp (1.5 MB) . The model2 is generated from model1. I am trying to keep the model2 is same as model1 by restoring all details of model1, including texture images. But I get different texture on faces as below.



What’s wrong with the texture of the model2?

I believe that at some point, you stretched the texture in model 1 graphically. in its parameters, width is set to 4,04m. When loaded in your model2, it sticks to this width, which is inferior to the wall’s length and give you this repetition.

Reset your image in model1 and set the width to 11,25 m

Thank you. I changed the texture of model1 to 11.25m, the image was gone:

I want to set the model2 is same as the model1. Now their texture width is the same 4.04m. Is there other configuration to affect the material on faces?

reset texture position first
also paste your code so ruby expert can check if there’s something wrong