Why can't you see the light source?

Why can’t you see the light source?
Hello. I’ve installed spot lights at ceiling level. But it’s not visible in the scene. Although it is in the v rey window

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SketchUp does not render any lighting other than the global or viewer lights. To see the effect that these lights have on your model, you need to view it in V-ray.

No, I know that. What I meant was that I don’t see the sources. Here’s how it looks in the screenshot. There are none.

I’m not sure if it’s the issue, but it is possible in V-Ray light settings to make a light source not visible to the camera; you can see the effect of the light, but not the source.

Where is this function, could you tell me?
When in settings, when I right-click on a source and select “Select object in scene”, it appears as a cube, but it cannot be copied

Exported the whole scene to a new file (new scene) All OK

I’m still a beginner myself and haven’t mastered light sources yet.