Rectangle light box coming in the render

Hi, Weird light spots keeps coming when I render the scenes in SketchUp. If you can see the screenshot there are rectangle in the right side vray render scene. Please can anyone help me in solving the issue. Why it’s happening.

Check Options > ‘Invisible’ for that Rectangle Light.

Basics of V-Ray at Learn how to render in SketchUp using V-Ray | Chaos

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Hi, Thank you for replying. It is invisible only but still it’s showing like that in render.

It should have worked. Do you have only one ‘Rectangle Light’ in model or several? Are you sure you checked the correct one?

I checked the correct one but I will cross check.In the model there are no lights seen but in the render it’s showing like that

Invisible lights create IMO an unrealistic atmosphere so I always only place lights where there is an actual light source like a window or luminaire. The light from a rectangular source would still reflect. Is the wall material too mirror-like?

There are some reflecting materials used in wall paneling

It’s really hard to know why that is happening from the screenshot - it looks like a light source of some sort.
Could be the sun, an HDRI and rectangle light a straight out bug.

Can you share the model?

Hi, the file is too big to upload here. Is there any other way that I can share it with you


Yes. Please share your email.

Just paste the link it gives you here

Make sure that it is also turned to Invisible in the ‘Reflections’ as well.


And maybe it’s sunlight from outside? Just looks very like it.
Also had this a few times, and later I saw that my ceiling didn’t completely line up with my walls. Very annoying tho.

Hope you’ll find the answer, maybe you could share the Wetransfer link as @Elmtec-Adam suggested?