Why Can I Not Draw Arcs Etc, Outside of the 3 Specific X, Y, Z Planes?



I have used sketch up in the past, and am getting back into it, but I have found what appears to be a pain in the butt setting or bug.

In the past, to draw an arc: I would only need 3 anchor points. I never used to see the protractor when doing this.

But now, I have 3 anchor points and I want to draw an arc but it won’t allow me to do it because the anchor points don’t exist on one of the 3 strict planes, and the protractor is visible.

What am I doing wrong?


You choose the wrong Arc tool?


a. The Arc tools have been updated in recent versions. You’d do well to read up on them in the User Guide.

b. You can change the drawing axis to the plane that you wish to draw your arc upon, using (you guessed it) the AxisTool.

c. Or, … you can rotate the arc after drawing using the RotateTool.


Thanks for your feedback. Here is a link to my frustration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae5NLV6BP9Y



Thanks - that did the trick, though I am puzzled by the need for this solution and why drawing an arc directly wouldn’t be a viable option or a programable functionality

Problem solved


@brian.c.welch, you’re welcome!
You can draw this arc in several more ways: :wink:

with guidelines

or without guidelines (with 2D Tools plugin from TIG)

or you could simply change the Axes

or draw directly on a face and then rotate it