Why are these points not coplanar?

Hi everybody.

I was doing something and there was four faces involved, but during the proccess of creating them I tried to be very careful about parallel lines and interfence points but it seems the last face is not coplanar. I don’t know why because the rest were made with success and that one wasn’t.


I have the following questions.

  • How can make sure they’re not coplanar?, any tool or work flow can tell me that?
  • Is someone able to show what’s wrong and how to fix it?

This is my .skp file:
notcoplanar.skp (87.8 KB)

Thanks in advance.

The corresponding edges aren’t parallel so the corners can’t be coplanar. The guideline is parallel to the selected edge. Notice it isn’t parallel to the near edge.


I’ll try to redraw them again, but it was pretty weird, because I’m almost sure I did the same process for all of them.
I’ll keep you up to date.

The better choice to me looks to be copying the two faces that are correc and then flip them.
@DaveR, how did you draw that dotted line? I mean … did you do it with the proctator or the tape measure tool?

I used the Tape Measure tool since I wanted to make a guideline parallel to the edge I showed selected.

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Thank you so much.

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